Create content database and add the site collection in that particular content db by powershell

In the central administration there is no option to select the database when you create a site collection but my best friend can help you. Check out this powershell commands.

Here is the SharePoint 2013 Site Template ID List. Happy SharePointing!

Missing web application feature after deployment

Here is what to do when you miss the web application features after deploying a custom solution. 1. Check on which server the solution was deployed on Powershell: Get-SPSolution -identity “solution name” | fl LastOperationDetails You will find out that the solution was not installed on the server you run the CA. 2. Go Check and […]

CA on Application or Web Server

Lately I’ve discussed a lot about where the Central Administration should be and what services should run on which server. After facing some issues due to the wrong configuration and spending hours for troubleshooting, this is what I came up with. Reason to leave CA on an application Server: 1. Performance It is not a […]