SharePoint Online PowerShell – Get started, issues and development

Get started

1. Download and open the SharePoint Online Management Shell


Open the shell (run as administrator)

2.  Proxy authentication (Optional)

3. Connect to your SharePoint Online


It will ask you for password.


For more information:



Import Module issue

Run SharePoint Online Management Shell in administrator mode should resolve the error.

Connecting Issue

When I first attempted to connect to SharePoint Online with the “Connect-SPOService” command, I got the error “Connect-SPOService : Could not connect to SharePoint Online”.

The reason for that is, when you try to administer SharePoint Online (O365) via PowerShell through a proxy server the Connect-SPOService cmdlet connections fail.

To solve the problem parse the cached credentials to the proxy.


Back to the days when I started to mess around with SharePoint online (in early 2015), only 41 SharePoint Online commands were available.

Compared to 782 on premise SharePoint 2013 commands, SPO shell was very restricted.



Two years have passed – Microsoft has added 25 extra SPO cmdlets.



And here are the new cmdlets in case you are curious.


SharePoint Online Powershell is still far from the on premise version but you can still do several things with it such as managing users, site and customizing.



For more information about SPO Shell I recommend this blogs:

General information and how it technically works:

Customizing examples:


Download SPO Management Shell:

Connect to SharePoint Online PowerShell –

Connect-SPOService : Could not connect to SharePoint Online –


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