Comments in note board Webpart disappeared after the migration

An angry customer complained to me that all the comments in the note board webpart disappeared after the migration.

We moved a site collection to a new web application in the same farm and performed a versionupgrade from sp2010 to sp2013.  The site collection url has been changed

– from:

– to:

Technically we dismounted the content db, then mounted it into the new web application and updated the site.

But the comments in the note board webpart, so called “social comments“, are stored in the user profile service database.

If you take a closer look at the table “dbo.socialcomments”, you will notice that there’s the url id column.



In this case, the site url id has been changed from 21 to 33.

In order to get the comments back I could replace the old url id with the new one but I don’t recommend changing anything directly in the database (unless it’s nintex db) – not supported by microsoft.

I ended up apologising the customer and sending him the old comments without restoring them.

For migration from one to another farm, you could migrate the user profile service to transfer the social comments.

Happy SharePointing!




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