CA on Application or Web Server

Lately I’ve discussed a lot about where the Central Administration should be and what services should run on which server.
After facing some issues due to the wrong configuration and spending hours for troubleshooting, this is what I came up with.

Reason to leave CA on an application Server:
1. Performance
It is not a high traffic site and won’t affect performance of the app server.
2. Security
It allows you to extract a level of security by not putting it on a web front end, which could be accessed via a load balancer, instead it’s on server that’s behind the scenes that less users would even know about.

Keep in mind that you must start the   Microsoft SharePoint Foundation Web Application Service on the server you run the CA otherwise the custom solutions including the web application features you deploy won’t be installed on the server.

Be sure to check the service deployment planing for the service configuration:

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