Blank Site After Site Collection Upgrade To SP2013

Last week I tried to do a version upgrade for a site collection and got a white blank screen after the upgrade.
Even the application pages in layouts folder (e.g. settings.aspx) display nothing.

From this

To this

That’s more a downgrade right? 😉

When you activate the SharePoint Server Publishing Infrastructure feature, SharePoint will add the variationrootpagelayout.aspx file to your masterpage catalogs.
This file causes troubles!


Deactivate the publishing feautre and delete the variation file.
File to delete:
To delete the file you can use sharepoint designer or go to the gallery in site settings.
Hints: You must deavtivate the publishing web feature first, then the site feature.

And because I am nice, I’m sharing this awesome Powershell lines with you

To use this script: .\PreMigrationCleaner.ps1 -URL “” -Path “c:\users\kampan\desktop”

This script

– logs all the activated features

– logs all checked out items/files

– delete variationrootpagelayout.aspx file

– deactivate all publishing features and logs the url and feature name in a csv file

– creates a post upgrade script which allows you to reactivate the publishing features according to the autogenerated csv file (you must run the scripts twice: 1st to activate the site feature 2nd to activate the web features)




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